The Situation of (criminal) lawyers in Ukraine


This is the first episode of our English series. This week our guest on the podcast is Andriy Fortunenko. Mr. Fortunenko is an attorney at AVELLUM, a leading Ukrainian law firm.

He and Dr. Rosinus talk about the impact the current situation had and still has on Mr. Fortunenko’s daily work. He explains how the legal system, especially court proceedings and criminal law enforcement, continues to work despite the hardship. He describes which difficulties they face and how they manage to maintain an organized and working business. Mr. Fortunenko further speaks about his experiences as a voluntary soldier last year and how he and his colleagues endure these difficult times mentally. Mr. Fortunenko also mentions the present discussion about future damage compensation from Russia and thanks for all the help and support Ukraine receives from all over Europe and the United States.

Furthermore, they talk about the criminal law system in the Ukraine, in particular, new criminal laws that were introduced in April 2022. Furthermore, Mr. Fortunenko reports about a recent cybercrime case he worked on. In this context, Mr. Fortunenko and Dr. Rosinus discuss how investigations related to cryptocurrencies have developed and how the general opinion about cryptocurrencies in Ukraine shifted during the last years. You can find AVELLUM’s donation page here:!news/470

Dr. Rosinus in dialogue with: Andriy Fortunenko is counsel at AVELLUM, a leading Ukrainian law firm. He focuses on dispute resolution, white collar crime, and fraud investigations. Andriy regularly represents national and foreign companies before the law enforcement and regulatory authorities. He has extensive experience in criminal proceedings related to fraud, embezzlement, cybercrime, and corruption-related offences. Andriy also handles complex multi-jurisdictional investigations into money laundering and represents the clients before INTERPOL. Andriy can be contacted via e-mail at

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